Luxury Disposable Hand Towels

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Are you asking your guests to share a hand towel? Of course not.

Show your guests you care about them by placing individual disposable hand towels in your bathroom. These hand towels are used once and then disposed of. Fresh individual hand towels give your guests the reassurance of cleanliness that the shared hand towels often seen in many bathrooms can not possibly give.

Staying healthy is a priority for most people. Using fresh individual towels for your guests contributes towards this goal.

Imagine you have visited the bathroom and, having washed your hands, looked around for an accepted method of drying them. Deciding against using the damp communal towel, you shake your hands vigorously until they’re dry. Don’t let this be the experience of your valued guests.

Using disposable hand towels saves time and energy, unlike traditional cotton towels that have to be washed when they are soiled. Disposable hand towels are discarded in the recycled bin and replaced with fresh ones.

To encourage favourable testimonials of your hospitality invest in Valzara hand towels. We offer luxurious disposable paper hand towels for your bathroom. The towels are super-absorbent and strong, they will not disintegrate under normal use and can be displayed in a number of elegant ways: rolled, folded or simply flat.

Valzara provide luxurious paper hand towels directly to your bathroom. Each towel is manufactured from high quality paper offering a fantastic hand drying facility.

Valzara bring to you, hand towels that are elegant and affordable, offering an effective solution for busy homes. Our towls are as beautiful as the traditional woven hand towel, but at a fraction of the price.

Order your Valzara towels today and continue to welcome your guests with an abundance of sophistication.